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Stay on top of your Slack game with reminders.

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When you create an account on Slack , you gain access to a very helpful assistant named @slackbot. This assistant immediately appears in your workspace to give you clues about how to get the most out of Slack. You then dismiss the bot, assuming you’ll know exactly how to use the tool. However, when dismissing the agent before giving it a close read, you miss out on a very important feature with the app/service—the ability to set reminders. 

That’s right, Slack can make your life a bit easier by reminding you of events throughout your workday. This is especially helpful to those who spend a good amount of time on a Slack workspace.

But how do you set those reminders, especially once you’ve dismissed the Slackbot help page? I’m here to show you.

I’ll be demonstrating on the Slack app for Android, but this feature works the same regardless of platform you’re using.

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What you’ll need

The only things you’ll need to make this happen are:

  • A slack account
  • Either the mobile or desktop Slack app
  • A network connection

How to create a reminder in Slack

In order to create a reminder, you only need open a text area and type the reminder in the form of:

/remind [me / @someone / #channel] [what] [when]

As you can see in the above formatting, you can set a reminder for yourself, another user, or an entire channel. Even before you type that first reminder, you need to locate a text area to use. Your best bet is to open the sidebar and tap your own name (under Direct Messages). Once that new window opens, tap Jot Something Down (at the bottom of the screen) and type your reminder. 

For example, say you want to remind yourself to not sweat the small things at 8:45am. For that you would type (Figure A):

/remind me "don't sweat the small things" at 8:45am

Figure A


Or, say you want that reminder to happen every day at 8:45. For that, type:

/remind me "don't sweat the small things" at 8:45am every day

After you’ve typed out your reminder, tap the send button and the reminder is set. 

What if you want to send the same thing to a different user on the following Friday? That reminder would look like:

/remind @USERNAME "don't sweat the small things" at 8:45am on Friday

Where USERNAME is the Slack user you want to receive the reminder. 

If you want to remind an entire channel, that would look like:

/remind #CHANNELNAME "don't sweat the small things" at 8:45am every day

Where CHANNELNAME is the name of the channel to receive the reminder.

Once you’ve set up the reminder, Slackbot will verify the reminder and give you the option to delete it or view your reminders (Figure B).

Figure B


Your newly-created reminder.

When the reminder appears in Slack, you can then mark it as complete, delete it, or snooze it (Figure C).

Figure C


Taking action on your reminder.

And that’s pretty much it for creating reminders in Slack. This is a feature any Slack power user will welcome. Stay on top of your Slack game with reminders and you’ll never forget to join in on Slack channel events, or even the things you need to take care outside of the Slackverse.

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