Kaspersky Anti-Virus (Free)

Helps you keep your pc secure

Kaspersky Free uses award-winning security technologies – and automatically receives real-time data about new threats – to help you protect your PC from a range of digital dangers.

Gives you free antivirus and more

With basic antivirus and threat protection, Kaspersky Free defends your PC against common viruses, infected files, dangerous applications and suspicious websites.

Secures… Without slowing you down

Our security is designed to protect your PC – without getting in your way. And, because Kaspersky Free automatically receives updates, you can be sure your antivirus is always up to date.

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Product Description

Core protection

Defends against common viruses, suspicious websites & more

Free Antivirus & Basic Protection For Your PC

Helps protect your PC from viruses

Helps protect your PC from viruses

Blocks dangerous files & applications

Blocks dangerous files & apps

Warns you about suspicious websites

Warns you about suspicious websites

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